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  • Drilling fluid shaker, vacuum except for gas, mud cleaner, with the exception of sand, with the exception of the mud, drilling fluid centrifuge, cuttings dryer etc. drilling mud solid control equipment and complete sets of mud purification, recovery system and drilling mud does not fall to the ground processing system。
  • Continuous improvement, excellence! All along, the pursuit of solid control technology innovation, solid control equipment on the innovation
  • High end design, elaborate manufacture! Good and low price, your ideal choice!
  • To realize the energy saving, high efficiency and low maintenance cost of energy saving, high efficiency and low maintenance cost!
  • We are a supplier of Sinopec and PetroChina, hand domestic major oil fields and foreign oil companies to Weatherford, shell, Schlumberger and other to jointly develop products and market;
  • We have 20 years of 30 years of oil field technology experience of the engineer team, for you to solve the problem of oil and gas under different conditions of complex wells, customized products。
  • We have a number of foreign countries with technical services and sales companies。
  • Pre sale: hand in hand to follow the solution of solid control equipment in all aspects of difficult issues and solid control equipment technical advice, detailed grasp of customer needs, to provide customers with the best drilling mud solid control system program。
  • Sale: strictly monitor the production progress of solid control equipment, always keep communication, to ensure that the needs of solid control equipment, quality and completion of the situation so that customer satisfaction。
  • After sales: provide the perfect solid control equipment operation training, 24 hours of technical advice, engineers do not regularly return visit to guide the maintenance and repair of solid control equipment
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